Let’s get straight to it with one of my favourites. This week’s video is yoga to detox and energise. A sequence to light the fire within. Do it now or save it for a little later but a dose of this is most definitely needed in the damp cold depths of November!I hope you feel clearer and a little more spacious after this one my friends. Let me know x




I’m not really one for too many rules in my life. Broadly speaking I strive for balance and I find doing that gives me plenty room to happily indulge in life’s little spontaneities when they happen to come my way. One thing I try to remember though is to never go a day without some vitamin P. This is something I learnt from my yoga teacher, the wonderful Judith Hanson Lasater, and her words still resonate with me in a wellness world which still often stresses depriving yourself over rewarding yourself. In case you’re not familiar with Vitamin P… the P is for PLEASURE! Hell yes! This can be anything from a glass of your favourite wine, a bubble bath, or just feeling the wind in your hair. I love that first sip of my morning coffee…I generally overdose on Vitamin P!

Whether it’s a simple pleasure or something a little bit more indulgent, just get your dose! If you maintain an active lifestyle even the biggest indulgences will quickly fade away and you will just be left with some happy moments. Let me know how you get your Vitamin P – I’m always happy for inspiration!

Tania x