What better way to celebrate the depths of winter than with some sun salutations? You might think I’m joking but I’m serious!

Sun salutations are the perfect warm up, stretching and aligning the body towards its optimum state. The cold outside can cause us to physically brace and hunker down to keep warm. Don’t let the weather stop you from finding time to stand tall and reach for the sky though. Your body will thank you.

This week’s video will guide you through how to do sun salutations. Do it faster for a more challenging and intense workout, or do it slow for a more meditative effect:




I find Olive Magazine a great place to get Vitamin P inspiration and last week I tried this sweet potato, lime and ginger soup, courtesy of Ceri Jones (@cerikitchen on Instagram), and it was fantastic!




The only thing she didn’t do was add any double cream. She just used more coconut milk instead. I highly recommend this if you are after a healthy, warming winter soup.

Tania x