This week’s video will improve your digestion and make you more attractive! I know, I promise much, but bear with me, I want to talk to you about releasing your back and opening up your chest.

A tight chest leads to rounded shoulders and poor posture. Ironically vanity is often the problem here as paying too much attention to the t-shirt muscles and perky boobs leads many to load up their chests and neglect their backs, scuppering the quest for the perfect bod. This video will loosen up your back and your chest, helping you to stand tall, confident, and beautiful.

As your posture improves you may also notice your digestion getting better. A straight back keeps space in the digestive tract and lessens the dreaded bloat and accompanying lethargy.

In short this video will make you feel better and look better, so what are you waiting for? Click below and join me for the workout.


My female friends, the above practice is also a great one for when you are on your period.

It is widely recognised that doing light exercise during your menstrual cycle is very beneficial. Even a little bit of movement can relieve cramping and help your mood. The yoga community mostly conveys this well, but sometimes some nonsense enters the conversation and clouds the message.

I have heard some instructors tell those practicing to take it easy and some even caution against practicing at all during their cycle. However, my (least) favourite one is when I hear that you should avoid inverting if you’re on your period… What do they think will happen??!

Unsurprisingly I hear this most from those who have never had a period. To the male instructors guilty of this misinformation – I’m sure your intentions are good, but your ideas need checking! Remember that yoga tradition is handed down from Indian males thousands of years ago and our knowledge now can give us the confidence to make relevant changes to suit our bodies in the west and for women.

Inversions, from handstands to laying your legs up against the wall, are a fantastic way to ease water retention and other uncomfortable symptoms of PMT. Pure joy.

My advice, as always, is to tune into what your body is telling you. It will instinctively know how much movement and exertion it can cope with. Generally speaking yoga will always make you feel better. Do what you feel, not what you are told!

Tania x