Should I do yoga everyday?

I get this question in one form or another very often. Usually I find people who ask this are very much coming at yoga from a physical perspective. In almost all other physical activities or sports we are rightly encouraged to build in rest days to let our bodies heal and improve. If you have ever lifted weights you will know how important this is.

Given that Upayoga, or physical yoga, is so popular now it makes sense that people are framing it like this.

Personally, after much teaching, I have come to primarily use yoga to strive for peace of mind, and to let the physicality of yoga serve me as a means to achieve that.


So what does that actually mean for me?

I don’t do physical yoga every day. I usually do it around 4 times a week. I know some very experienced yogis who are happy doing more and some who are happy doing less. I do do yogic activities every day though. That might mean being totally present for some mundane everyday task or being utterly, wholeheartedly with my boys. Or it could just be truly soaking up a winter walk with my dog. Sometimes it’s a struggle and sometimes it’s effortless. Doing yoga makes it effortless more often and being effortlessly in the moment is pure joy.

So should you do physical yoga every day? If the very thought of skipping your daily sun salutations makes you feel incomplete then maybe you should. If challenging back to back classes make your body feel a bit off then a quick break is probably a good idea.

I would however encourage everybody to do some kind of mindful activity every day. Training your mind is insanely hard but potentially life-changing.

But how do you do it? I suggest beginning with the breath. The little breathing practice in the video below will get you started. Enjoy!


Tania x